If you'd like to know more about me, my work and processes, here are a few selected interviews for your perusal...


100% Mood - An Interview with Illustrator Matt Griffin

(Evil Tender)

How To Dream For A Living

(Vodafone Business)

I Love Illustrated Movie Posters - with Mike Pecci & Matt Griffin

(In Love With The Process - Podcast Interview)

Matt Griffin: 'I Love Sci-fi That Gets Philosophical' 

(Affinity Spotlight)

Step Into The Sci-Fi Worlds of Matt Griffin


The Illustrated DVD: Matt Griffin's Arrow Covers

(Evil Tender)

A Brief Look at Other Seas / Other Suns

(Evil Tender)

To Work Incessantly, Feverishly...

(Dublin 2019)

Seven Striking Blu-Ray Covers by Matt Griffin

(Creative Bloq)