Using Patreon for The Endling

I've been curious about using Patreon for a while now. The prospect of earning a little on personal projects, allowing a little less time on client jobs (or at least removing the need to take on too many) is naturally very enticing. In fact, I went as far as setting one up a few months ago - but it was unfocused. I was looking for patronage which would allow me to work on anything that popped into my head - a bit of a gamble for Patrons for sure! So I got rid.. 

But, the thought of using it for something useful was still there. I thought I could use it more as a Kickstarter-style crowd funder for my graphic novel project, The Endling. In return for a small contribution (1 tier - pay what you like, from $1 a month), patrons could get a front row seat as I build the project more or less from the ground up. I could share the process not only from an art perspective, but also the story development itself. So, I've gone and done it. 

This is a project I'm extremely passionate about. In fact, it's just the opening gambit of a concept that will, all going well, stretch beyond the graphic novel to novels and, hopefully, much more. The central conceit allows me a practically limitless sandbox to play in, all within the same story world. I can have any setting I want, because it's all based on multiple universe theory and the infinite variations of our reality that lie therein.. 

If you'd like to help with the project, I am of course always grateful for new patrons! And I will do my very best to make it worthwhile for those kind folks who part with their hard-earned money... 

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